This menu is suitable to be enjoyed during breakfast in the morning. Rice Cawuk is rice that is given a mixture of typical gravy made from grated young coconut, roasted young corn, cucumber, chilli, onion, and garlic. Not to forget there is a little acid that makes Nasi Cawuk feels spicy refreshing.

What’s Nasi Cawuk
This dish served best for breakfast in the morning. Nasi Cawuk is rice with mixed sauce made of grated coconut, baked corn, cucumbers, peppers, onion, and garlic. Also a little bit of tamarind to add more refreshing spicy flavor.

Presentation Nasi Cawuk
Nasi Cawuk served with caramelized pindang sauce. This unique way of cooking is called “gendam” and only exists in Banyuwangi.

Enjoyment Rice Cawuk
The results of this cooking produces a clear broth and boiled sweet. You can ask for an extra side dishes such as steamed fish, kikil, dried meat, or eggs.

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